Meanwhile, Mac goes from being an embedded reporter in a war zone to sitting in the control room during Will’s show, where she regularly saves him from looking like an idiot on national TV. Maggie volunteers to report from a war-torn region of Africa and narrowly avoids being killed. Sloan Sabbith holds a PhD, goes toe-to-toe with the president of the news division, punches Wall Street jerks, speaks fluent Japanese, and stands up for what she thinks is right, even when it means physically threatening her executive producer. Leona Lansing owns the network and, it’s safe to say, scares the shit out of almost everyone, including her male subordinates.

The Newsroom is chuck-full of robust female characters. When faced with flawed women, we find ourselves utterly incapable of appreciating them for who they are as characters. Instead, we see them as universal representations of their gender, which means Sorkin doesn’t have a “woman problem.” We do.

I hate that my dad is so bad at communicating and that I don’t know how to talk to him about all the stupid shit he does all the fucking time without him taking the defensive and being rude and awful to me and my sisters.

Do I try to go to work and go home sick? I’ve been throwing up since last night, my body hurts and I keep getting chills even though its 85 degrees. And it takes me 2hrs to there.
But I also have too many sick calls and I’m probably gonna get in big trouble. Even though I’m fully incapacitated.
I don’t know what to do!